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A Brief History of KOV - Houston

The Brotherhood of the Knights of the Vine (KOV) is a national organization with chapters all across America plus a chapter in Finland!  (

Our chapter charter was presented in 1978 at its first Grand Assemblage.   The chapter has been led by a handful of Commanders who include Richard Materson, Gaye Platt and, currently, Buddy Hagner.  


Each Commander is supported by a strong Cadre of officers who are active in the planning of events that include wine tastings, wine dinners, road trips and gala events.  Over the years, Houston has always offered such a variety and abundance of events that it is often the envy of other chapters.  Perhaps there is a bit of Texas brag when we proclaim that we are “the best darn chapter in the whole world!”


Houston has hosted the KOV National Meeting twice and has been a very strong presence at all nationally and internationally hosted events (Congresses) that include not only the KOV National Meeting, but the Federation of International Wine Brotherhoods (FICB) ( which are held around the world every two years.  Previous Congresses have been held in some of the most interesting locations around the globe and include, among others, France (Rheims, Toulouse), Hungary (Budapest), Switzerland, London, Serbia and the USA in 2016 (Napa and Sonoma).  The next Congress will be held in Macedonia in 2018. 


In addition to sharing our interest in the enjoyment of wine and all the experiences that come with that, we are pleased to support others who wish to learn more about it and further the education and research that will add to our enjoyment.  In that regard, we support research in the vineyard at Texas A & M University’s Viticulture Department and have also established a scholarship endowment at the University of Houston’s Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management.  


Our Brotherhood welcomes gentlemen and ladies and we invite you to join us in our celebration of WINE and CAMARADERIE!

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